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Nicole Golland - Designer/Director of Lopees


Lopees is a young company that was established in November 2007. We are a passionate and family run business, consisting of Nicole, Margaret and Maurice Golland and Peter Cantwell.

Lopees products are manufactured in India to our design and specifications.




Nicole and Margaret with their Australian Business Award


Nicole Golland is the Designer of the original Lopees envelope. When her eldest son started school she soon realised just how many paper envelopes she was going through and decided to do something about it. Nicole has always had a passion for the Environment and since having her three children she has become even more inspired to do more to save our beautiful planet. Nicole is the sales person for the company and aims to introduce Lopees to each and every organisation that could benefit from the product. Her passion also lies in teaching the next generation how to respect, nurture and love our environment. 

Margaret Golland has over 30 years of experience in office administration in private enterprise and all levels of government organisation. She saw first hand how much paper was used and then disposed of to landfill. Margaret felt there was a way we could come up with a solution to eliminate the use for paper envelopes in organisations for internal and external mail. Being a mother and grandmother she understands and sees the need to set an example and to educate ourselves and future generations.


Latest News

School Fundraising

Here is a great idea for a School Fundraiser for Mothers & Fathers  Day or  Christmas for the children to purchase for gifts.

Custom made bags

As the world is becoming more sustainable last year our Company started providing Organisations with custom made. 


What our customers have to say about our products.


Lopees recently became finalist in Action Coach Business Excellence Awards in Innovation and Connect 2 Mums Environmentally Friendly Business.


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