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All of our products are made with 100% organic cotton to our own design specifications under a Fair Trade system in India.

To place an order please use the 'buy now' links. Postage and Handling will be added at end of the transaction. 

Payments can be made by Direct Deposit, Pay Pal or Cheque. For large orders or if you would like us to send you an order form please contact us.

We have many wholesalers please enquiry if there is one near you. 

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All our product have many uses, some not menioned in product description. We would love to hear from our customer what they have used our products for or/ how their children have decorated their Lopees. 


LOP-NSP (11cm x 15cm)

Price $6.00

This is our original Lopees used in schools and organisations for money and correspondence. The zip makes it safe and secure and the business card is double sided for a 2 year use.

Some customers use these envelopes for mobile phones & GPS holders, we even have had a hotel to use them for safe return of keys to their office.
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LOP-DLSP (12cm x 23cm)

Price $7.00

DL Lopees is big enough for a folded A4 size sheet or can be used as a pencil case. It can be used in schools, offices and businesses.

The double zip can be secured with a tie to make it tamper proof for added security.

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LOP-LIB (40cm x 30cm)

Price $7.50

The library bag is large enough for most books. Children can decorate the bag to make it their own unique design.

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LOP-CD (28cm x 19cm)

Price $5.50

Our Lopees CD or book holder can keep books clean and stop them from getting ripped in the bottom of the school bags. We have had customers use these bags for Vegetarian Cookbook Holder and a Restaurant has used them to serve there bread to their customers in. Many uses.

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LOP-A4LP (30cm x 39cm)

Price $12.00

Internal mail envelope with 32 spaces on each side of the paper. You can use this pocket as you would the paper envelopes however the Lopees version will last a lot longer.

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LOP-A4MPH (30cm x 39cm)

Price $11.00

Lopees A4 handle can be used for Internal mail or as a book reader bag. With a reusable card inside you can change the details as you need.

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LOP-A4MP (30cm x 39cm)

Price $10.50

Lopees Medium plastic is for Internal mail for offices with a reusable card inside.

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LOP-A3LP (39cm x 51cm)

Price $18.50

Internal mail envelope for larger documents.

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LOP-A3MPH (39cm x 51cm)

Price $17.50

Internal or external mail envelope or art portfolio. Great to hold your laptop in as the organic canvas is very durable and washable. 

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LOP-A3MP (39cm x 51cm)

Price $17.00

A3 medium pocket can be used for Internal mail with a reusable card that can be used over and over again. Can also be used for students work and other documents that need to be protected.

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Price $27.50

Lopees special school pack to meet all students needs. Remember all products are made under a fair trade system using organic cotton.

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Each school pack contains:

LOP-NSP - small Lopees envelope.
LOP-DLSP - DL size Lopees (can be used as a pencil case or Newsletter holder).
LOP-LIB - Lopees Library Bag (the students can decorate them anyway they would like).
LOP-A4MPH - Lopees A4 Reader bag, for a safe and secure way to take readers to and from school.



Special Products


Natural Cotton Shoulder Bags (39cm x 39cm)

Price $25.00

These bags are made from natural cotton and are ideal for everyday use as a shoulder

bag for all your personal items or a beach bag. Available in two fashionable colours.

Lopees natural cotton shoulder bags are double lined with a button for security and feature a wide leather shoulder strap.

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Natural Cotton Shopping Bags

44cm X 37cm. 

Price $3.00

Lopees can arrange a special price for larger orders and screen printing. Please contact us for a quote.

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Replacement Cards

Price $16.50 per pack

LP Cards, pack of 100.

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MP Cards, pack of 200.

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NSP Cards, box of 250.

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Latest News

School Fundraising

Here is a great idea for a School Fundraiser for Mothers & Fathers  Day or  Christmas for the children to purchase for gifts.

Custom made bags

As the world is becoming more sustainable last year our Company started providing Organisations with custom made. 


What our customers have to say about our products.


Lopees recently became finalist in Action Coach Business Excellence Awards in Innovation and Connect 2 Mums Environmentally Friendly Business.


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