Martha Goes Green

Martha Goes Green is a self-published vegetarian cookbook created by food lovers and greenies Rosie Percival and Ruth Friedlander. They’ve shared their favourite recipes and with the help of some talented friends created a cookbook with more than 50 delightful recipes. It includes full colour photographs of starters, soups, salads, mains and sweets as well as vegan and gluten free recipes.

Martha Goes Green set out to dispel the myths that cooking sans meat is either limiting or arduous and invites you to get creative and re-invent the old classics. The book promotes sustainable and conscious culinary habits: a vegetarian diet is not only great for ones health and finances but is also a practical way of making a positive environmental contribution. What a delicious method of combating global warming, it’s yum to go green!

Whether you’re throwing a dinner party and want to impress, or simply need some quick ideas for an evening meal, Martha Goes Green should have all your bases covered.


The cookbook is printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper using vegetable based inks and comes packaged in a reusable Lopees book bag. Check it out at







Is Australian owned and run family ECO Buisness.

Our products incorporate Certified Organic and Chemical free Ingredients.

We try to use only local ingredients, including organic ingredients from our farm. All other ingredients are Australian ingredients from small farm buisnesses where possible. All our catalgues, buisness cards, stationary and lables are 100% recycled paper. And of course we do NOT test on animals, just friends and rellies!






Going Green Solutions

Going Green Solutions is a family run business that evolved from our own desire to integrate a more sustainable and healthy way of living into our home, work and lifestyle. We found there were many great products available to suit your needs…but we had to search high and low for them! We wanted to source all of these things in one place - and this is what we now offer to you.

Not only do we want to offer the convenience to our customers of not having to hunt around, but we want to make it easier for businesses, households and organisations all over the place to take up these changes quickly and hassle-free so that we can collectively create a strong influence on reversing global warming and protecting our planet.




Enviro Shop


“The EnviroShop was one of Australia's first retail stores selling a wide range of environmental products aimed at helping households and businesses to become more sustainable.  We are committed to supplying members of the community with the tools to live and work in a more environmentally sustainable way.  At our store you can find a great range of products including environmentally friendly stationary products, energy efficient lighting options, low toxicity paints, worm farms, tanks, solar panels, solar hot water systems and a whole lot more!”


Green Demon

Green Demon was started for many reasons, but of course the overriding reason is the environment and the wish to help clean up the mess we have made, and continue to make, of our planet.

We are small business run from small premises, with storage facilities within walking distance of the office, and no fixed physical retail outlet except the Sydney Markets and we try where possible to use Australian suppliers. This setup helps us in two ways: firstly in lower costs for the business. It's a lot cheaper to run an internet-only and market-based business, but also a showroom or shop consumes power and resources which kind of defeats the purpose of running an eco-friendly business unless you have a massively effecient setup. (Of course we may one day have a retail outlet when we feel it is needed and we can be sure the environmental cost is as near to zero as we can get - and we can maintain the great customer service standards we now have). You can still be sure you are dealing with real people, and not just a website, and can continue to ask questions and receive informed and knowledgeable information.

The end result of running an internet/markets-based business is lower prices for our customers, lower costs for us and a little less strain on the environment!



Albury Enviro Bags

Suppliers of quality reusable eco- friendly bags, including natural fibre jute bags and cotton bags.





AusPen was born out of the idea of creating a whiteboard marker committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

With our high quality and xylene free Refillable Whiteboard Markers sold to schools, offices and homes all around Australia, we want to challenge our culture’s throwaway mentality and reuse, refill and recycle instead. Our products are safe, cost effective and top quality.

  • Refillable: Refill them every time they dry out. One bottle of ink lasts more than 30 refills. Disposable costs more and it is terrible for the environment!

  • Colourful: Six bright colours that don't fade quickly

  • High Quality: aluminium for barrels to maximise the markers life, heat moulded polyethylene for the carry cases, polyester for reinforced reversible nibs

  • Low Environmental Impact: recyclable materials for our markers and our Carry Case

  • Health and Safety: Xylene free and natural pigment for our inks (reviewed and approved for compliance with EEC requirements)


Green Habits








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Here is a great idea for a School Fundraiser for Mothers & Fathers  Day or  Christmas for the children to purchase for gifts.

Custom made bags

As the world is becoming more sustainable last year our Company started providing Organisations with custom made. 


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Lopees recently became finalist in Action Coach Business Excellence Awards in Innovation and Connect 2 Mums Environmentally Friendly Business.


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