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My Child Magazine Winter 2011.  Motivating Mums booklet - 26 top tips of Business Minded Mums. 







Small Business Victoria article March 2010.




Channel Ten Environment Awards Finalist 4th April 2008



Going Green Expo Melbourne June 2008



Article in "The right place for Business" City of Whittlesea Newsletter February 2009.



Article in Sustainable Schools Victoria CERESly Sustainable Newsletter October 2008.

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Article featured in the Education Times May 22 2009 Edition 

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Article featured in the Whittlesea Leader 15th April 2008

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Click here to read an article on Lopees in the Clever Girls Blog




Whittlesea Council use Lopees for there Internal Mail system what they had to say:


"I think these are a great idea and great to use!!!!!  I was chatting with Jocelyn the other day and asked if they came in A3 and she said they did, it would be good to have some of them as well to hold larger or bulkier documents''  - Narelle


"Lopees envelopes provide a vast improvement to Council's regular paper internal envelopes.  Not only do they look far superior with their clean lines and neat note pouch, they are much more durable and the ability to lock them using the zipper makes them much safer as well.  Lopees enable Council to reduce the amount of paper envelopes needed and therefore reduce costs and our impact on the environment.  Employees of the City of Whittlesea have commented on how professional Lopees look and feel and we look forward to using them more regularly in the future. "  - Karen



Hi Nicole


You sent me 2 lopees and asked for feedback...I have a 6 month old so wont be using them for a while to come (!),  however I am a school teacher on maternity leave who has contact with 2 schools and I have shown them to the Principal with the intention of getting them to put them into their uniform shop to sell.  As a teacher I think they are a FABULOUS idea.  I don't know how many times I'd find coins missing out of paper envelopes (mostly small $2 coins) - the children couldn't find them in their bag, so I would put the money in myself.  I could have probably bought them all a lopee to save money!!!  It is a great idea from that point of view, great for the environment and great for parents who run out of envelopes and send loose change - I would always get loose change given to me on a morning at the classroom door, I'd promptly put it down and then forget who gave it to me!!


I saw you on Channel 10 news and thought how ingenious!


Well Done!



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