Hi Nicole,

Our Lopees arrived yesterday, and we love them! They are perfect for our clients to leave their payment and

/or notes for us in. We can't wait to show them, as we are pretty sure that they will love them as much as

we do.

We are just figuring out a way to update the date of their next clean regularly, and use less paper. Originally

we just wrote it on the front of their paper envelopes, and it was tossed and replaced with a new paper

envelope each fortnight.

At first we were thinking of printing up a card with the date on it, to slip in the plastic window, and replace

that each fortnight, but that still felt like a waste of paper.

Once we have it all set up, we will take some pics to share with you. Also thankyou for all the info you sent along with our order, I will drop it in to our school, they are always looking for new fundraising ideas, and I LOVE the idea of reusable lunch order bags!

Thanks Again,

Robert and Joanne

Coble Cleaning



November 2010

Hi Margaret,

I am very pleased with the products I ordered and all library staff are happily using them to send books, etc., between the libraries.

Great idea!

Denise Tannock

Ivanhoe Grammar School

29 October 2010


Hi Nicole,

Thank you so much for sending the extras!

I have had feedback from our staff at our organic master class events that our clients are loving lopees envelopes. What a great alternative to paper!

I hope that it has created some business for you and appreciate you supplying the samples for us –

they are great!


Sarah O’Connor – Endota Spa Marketing Coordinator.


WOW Website

We have purchased Lopees to use as a payment collection system for our eco-friendly cleaning business, instead of using paper. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and the Lopees are excellent quality, have so

many different uses, and we will definitely be purchasing more, for other things besides the business.

I love the idea of Reusable lunch order bags for school!

Joeydee from Mayfield December 2010.


Hi Margaret,

Thank you for the bags, they were perfect - everybody loved them! < Feel free to quote us


Also, we would love for you to display the bag on your website.

Kind regards,


Catherine Miller

On behalf of Plan Big

March 2011



MyFamily and I use Lopees products every day.  We find the small envelopevery useful to send notes and money to school; I even use them to hold sparekeys in my bag and as a mini make up bag!  

Wealso use the library bags for school, to hold paper and pencils for the kidsdrawings while travelling and I also use them for taking paperwork  to andfrom meetings and for storage on the bookshelf...

Theproducts are secure and durable, wash up well and most importantly re-useable.

Thepossibilities are endless! - Michelle

Middle Kinglake PrimarySchool


September 2010

 Iattach a photo of my sister Julie and I holding our Lopees and with the villageof Salobreña behind. It is a very beautiful place to visit and we have somevillas with lovely views. The lopees are working well with the key drop offs.

Thankyou for your service.

We wish you well with your business.

 Christine from Spain.


May 2008

Hi Nicole

You sent me 2 lopees and asked forfeedback...I have a 6 month old so wont be using them for a while to come (!),however I am a school teacher on maternity leave who has contact with 2 schoolsand I have shown them to the Principal with the intention of getting themto put them into their uniform shop to sell.  As a teacher I think they area FABULOUS idea.  I don't know how many times I'd find coins missing outof paper envelopes (mostly small $2 coins) - the children couldn't find them intheir bag, so I would put the money in myself.  I could have probablybought them all a lopee to save money!!!  It is a great idea from thatpoint of view, great for the environment and great for parents who run out ofenvelopes and send loose change - I would always get loose change given to meon a morning at the classroom door, I'd promptly put it down and then forgetwho gave it to me!!

I saw you on Channel 10 news and thought howingenious! 

Well Done!


September 2010

Thankyou I received my lopees order on Wednesday and have been showing them aroundas I'm very excited to have finally found products which are durable,practical, aesthetic and ethical. So I look forward to returning to lopees inthe future for further orders, and I  am not sure how much marketing hasbeen done in the Melbourne CBD, but lopees are perfect for office envelopes andthe CBD businesses (especially many of the Arts businesses around town,galleries, etc) I think would be very keen to use lopees. I'm not sure how the informationcould be directed but it's definitely an avenue worth pursuing =)

Allthe best! Cate W

March 2009


Whittlesea Council use Lopees forthere Internal Mail system what they had to say:

"I think these are a great idea andgreat to use!!!!!  I was chatting with Jocelyn the other day and asked ifthey came in A3 and she said they did, it would be good to have some of them aswell to hold larger or bulkier documents''  - Narelle

"Lopees envelopes provide a vastimprovement to Council's regular paper internal envelopes.  Not only dothey look far superior with their clean lines and neat note pouch, they aremuch more durable and the ability to lock them using the zipper makes them muchsafer as well.  Lopees enable Council to reduce the amount of paperenvelopes needed and therefore reduce costs and our impact on theenvironment.  Employees of the City of Whittlesea have commented on howprofessional Lopees look and feel and we look forward to using them moreregularly in the future. ”- Karen


Sep 2010

Since our Inquiry into 'How Can We Live More Sustainably?' two years ago, wehave loved Nicole's environmentally and user friendly product, the Lopee.
After originally seeing you on the news, as a nominated environmentalist, weasked Nicole if she would consider coming and speaking to us as an expert inour community.

After Nicole spoke to the 3/4 community, we decided that the Lopee was aperfect 'Going Further' 'Action' that the children could be responsible for.
The children were also keen to make our school increasingly sustainable.

The children researched information from Nicole and her Lopee Website and puttogether Power Point presentations about the Lopee.

They used their literacy and numeracy skills to reveal statistics about thelife of a paper envelope, landfill and environmental issues, the effect ofusing paper as a unsustainable resources, how and where Lopees are made, fairtrade and ethical issues and why they would be an excellent product to suit ourcommitment to being a sustainable school of the future. They also tookphotographs for their presentation of how and when to use their Lopee, egreturning money, returning notes, lunch orders or notes from parents/teachersand even production/raffle tickets.
It was also important for the children to communicate to their parents that notonly would they be being environmentally friendly, they would be saving theirparents money as well. They children enjoyed using ICT programs (Excel) topresent their information in graphs and write orders forms, class updates and persuasive texts!

We have loved having Lopees as part of our school. Any money or notes are sentto classroom teachers in their Lopees and we are able to return notes, sendthem to our office, all without filling up our recycling bins and adding to landfill!


We have been using our Lopees for staff admin not for each student. We’re very happy with the product and have recommended it to other schools.

Marg Mether

Business Manager

Baringa SpecialSchool


In general our school community has embraced the move to the Lopees (commonly called “Loopees). We have very few paper envelopes in our school now. An advantage that is other than environmental is that is has taught the children responsibility. We wouldbe interested in trailing other Lopee products for you. Congratulations on your initiative product.

Geraldine Jenkins

Pleasant St Primary School.


From The website Best BusinessDeals :-

Short review: If you careabout the environment and your hip pocket it is definitely worth purchasingsome products from the Lopees range. You won’t regret it and you quickly recoupyour purchase costs in savings.

Long Review: The Lopees products areingenious and definitely fall in to what I would describe as one of the bestbusiness deals going around. As I have mentioned above they are alsoenvironmentally friendly. They can be reused and recycled.

They come in a variety of sizes and myfavourite is the document wallet. I know that I go through a lot of documentsso having one that I can recycle will save me a lot of time and money.

These envelopes are of great qualitywith fine stitching and fine craftsmanship. I did wonder when I heard they weremade in India whether the quality would be any good. It turns out that I waswrong and I had nothing to worry about.

The Lopees story is a great one andthey have received great media coverage.



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