School Fundraising

Here is a great idea for a School Fundraiser for Motherís & Fathers  Day or Christmas for the

children to purchase for gifts. By purchasing a plain shopping bag the children can personally

decorate it and the school could provide the fabric textas/paints for the children to draw on

their bags. The cost of the plain bag is $3.00 so the fundraising committee could charge the

parents $4.00 - $5.00 for each bag, making a good profit for the school.  What Mum, Dad or

Grandparents would not love a personalized shopping bag from their child while at the same

time doing something to help the Environment. Size is 44cm X 37cm.

f you would like to have your school logo printed on the shopping bags we can arrange this,

you would need to place an order for a minimum of 500 please contact us for a quote.




  Our second Fundraising idea is our gift soaps.  We have scented cakes of soap in one of our

Lopees envelope with an attractive iron on motive on the front of the envelope.  What a lovely

gift for that someone special that the children could buy from a stall at a very low cost. 

These soaps are environmentally friendly and are made in Australia using sustainable products. 

 For large orders of the soaps we would need a monthís notice prior to delivery date. 

These are two presents that are inexpensive and good for the environment.  

 All fundraising gifts $3.00. 
















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School Fundraising

Here is a great idea for a School Fundraiser for Mothers & Fathers  Day or  Christmas for the children to purchase for gifts.

Custom made bags

As the world is becoming more sustainable last year our Company started providing Organisations with custom made. 


What our customers have to say about our products.


Lopees recently became finalist in Action Coach Business Excellence Awards in Innovation and Connect 2 Mums Environmentally Friendly Business.


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